Glass Straws-Glass Forming Academy

Glass Straws

These reusable glass straws are GFA manufactured using laboratory glass.

These straws are eco friendly, durable, thermal shock resistant, dishwasher safe and suitable for all ages.  Glass does not absorb flavours or fragrances, ensuring you taste the full flavour of your drink, every time.  The straws are rounded and smooth, safe for sipping.  A fabric pouch may be included for clean handbag travel and clean storage after use, or promotional sales-packaging. Through choosing to use your own glass straw, you actively contribute towards saving our oceans from pollution.  

The straws can be cleaned (and you can see if it is clean) by simply holding it under running hot water, soaking it in hot water or placing it in the dishwasher.  The pouch can be cleaned by simply adding it to your washing.